lørdag den 2. oktober 2010

Completely Unpedagogical!

I've done something completely unpedagogical - I've bribed son to don't let his ears get pierced. I think the young guys look so stupid with both ears pierced and big glass-"diamond"-earrings like gangsta rapper or Beckham: He wanted a pair of shoes for 73 dollars, so I've bribed him and made a deal that he's not going to have any holes in his head. I fear he will come home pierced one day, but he sounded very serious and even wanted to shake hands on our deal. But don't tell DH, because he will definately disagree with my unpedagogical methods. ;)

2 kommentarer:

  1. I say better an ear piercing than a tat but that's just me. I keep picturing all these young people in 50-65 years with sagging skin and tats that have all faded to black and sagged and look awful. At least most piercings can grow over (close) if left alone. I should know! I seem to have to re-pierce my ears about every six weeks, each time I want to wear my diamond earrings. New sneaks sounds like a fair bribe to me. :))

  2. -> Flaurella, You're absolute right, but fortunately tats haven't been an issue - yet. He has a very tattoed cousin who is a goth punkter, and son thinks he looks rediculous. But when the tat issue pops up, I better come up with more serious bribing. ;)


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