mandag den 11. oktober 2010

Operation …

Well, I’m going through surgery Wednesday. I have to have something removed that is ill, something I don’t need in my age, and something I definitely will not miss. So for the next two weeks or so there’s going to be a little quiet here on my blog, but thereafter I think I’m online again, because then I’m reported sick and I suppose I’ve started feeling a little bored. Now this is not a sickness blog, like it is neither a car blog nor a knitting blog, but I want to admit that I’m afraid. Afraid of the anaesthesia since I respond heavily on medicine. So I hope you all will cross your fingers and wish me lots of luck on Wednesday morning.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Thinking of you today and sending plenty of pink healing light. Get well soon! XOX ~~

  2. Am worrying about you since you have not written nor posted since your surgery. I realize that you may not feel like sitting at the computer but send out a note (or have Tim help) that you are okay, please! XOX ~~


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