søndag den 20. juni 2010


I’ve become brave – I’ve started crocheting!
Yes I know, this might not seem something special for many of you, but to me it is.

My SIL had crocheted some really nice cakes (yes, cakes) for her daughter, and she taught me to crochet them too (a true achievement). That is, I’ve always known the most used stitches, but I cannot figure out a pattern and patience is not one of my virtues. I don’t have much time neither, which you might have guessed due to the low update frequency here on my blog. But I discovered that I relaxed when I took a few "laps" after work. Since DH was so nervous about our house being drowned in crocheted cakes I had to find something else to make and went to the local yarn-pusher. I told her I'm a crocheting-novice and asked for a really easy pattern, she suggested this top (which I crochet in white):

I have many times asked myself if that shell-pattern was such a good idea, but I'm almost done - and I'm VERY proud of myself.

But it doesn't end here. Next project is to learn to knit. I've already bought yarn for this cardigan:
I know, it doesn't look especially pretty in the picture, neither the dishcloth-shape nor the bad-stomach-brown colour, but I saw it on a dress form in a shop and made a sudden braking. I simply had to own it. The shopowner had knitted it in a mixed grey yarn that was a little shiny - so lovely.

And I've also invested in yarn for this lovely shawl a few days ago - with the bad Summer we have here in Denmark I'm sure to use it a lot: I think it is so lovely and simple. I have bought furry yarn in mixed grey, since it matches all the colours in my wardrobe (and that is many!) and also looks good both Summer and Winter. Now it seems like I'm crazy about grey, but I'm not.

... and this is not going to be a knitting blog either.

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  1. Oh wow! That sounds like a lot of fun. I can't wait to see what you create. I love the knitted sweaters. They are so beautiful and comfy too.


  2. It certainly is, Gigi, and very relaxing too. And the bonus is nice homemade clothes, not bad at all.

  3. My father was a mechanic and painter for Mercedes. He went on to open his own shop and began building race cars (Formula One). I've only seen him in a suit maybe 5x my whole life. Twice, my wedding and my sister's wedding. I love the VW beetle bug you purchased for his buttonhole. You have to take a picture of it. I love VW!!! My cousin inherited a 1967 VW bus from his grandfather. It's blue and white and his grandfather hardly drove it. It's been sitting in his garage all these years under a car cover. Can you imagine!!!

  4. Sanne--That is absolutely beautiful!

  5. What is the pattern for the shawl? I knit and would love to give it a try...

    Melissa From the 50's housewife board :)

  6. Thank you, Cedar.

    -> Melissa,
    I will post the pattern for the shawl soonest, but it is pretty hard translating knitting terms since they are not easily found in my dictionary. I'll do my best. :)


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