torsdag den 15. november 2012

ALT for Damerne, November 1952

It's time for another look back in my vintage ALT for Damerne (All for the Ladies) magazines, this time from November 1952. All photos can be clicked into larger readable sizes.

This time I'm not very fond of the cover. Yes, she is pretty, the red suit is nice and the big green drawer is too, but she is way to skinny for my taste and her posture is quite affected.
I also have a dark brown mink muff which DH hates and I love and use at every occassion that calls for elegance. I feel very elegant with my hands inside it.

Let's start with a serious article about who will be America's new "hostess". Back then she was not called "first lady", but a hostess was a serious and respected person in the fifties.

A knitting pattern for an easy shoulderette:
Perhaps I should knit one, I think it is a great thing to have during winter.

And sewing too. Here are patterns for nice dresses in all sizes:
I would love to own the adult model with the chequered details, it is so nice!

And more about fashion, here is a little article about (long and flared):

Frequently, the magazines held competitions where you could win unattainable luxuries. Here you can win "the auto every woman wished for":

Do you recognize it? It is a Renault 4CV aka our little Nolte, whom I have told you about before.

And I have scanned vintage adds, you know I love them. They were so nice and elegant back then, I wish they would make them like this again. Here you can capture the special mood of Paris in a bottle:

And you could be the star in Pond's colour movie - learn the art of being beautiful:

Pan-cake makeup. I think it still exists today but I have never tried it. I think it is heavy and best for use in movies.

We go on to other things women need, because why put off the tramp when you have Cellox pads:

And here is absorbing material for other parts of the body and you can get in all colours and qualities - Butterfly dress shields:

But sometimes you'll see adds for different things, like these nice chairs:

I have previous shown you my ALT for Damerne, July 1952, if you want to revisit.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hi dear gal, thank you very much for your absolutely lovely comment on my yard sale finds post today. You're spot on, I do not know any Dutch, so very much appreciate the link to English version of your blog.

    This post is marvelous. Those fifties fashions are wonderful. There isn't a single one that I wouldn't happily wear.

    Thanks again, my dear - I hope you're having a gorgeous day!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Dear Jessica, you're welcome. I'm honoured to have a celebrity like you as one of my followers. I also wish I could find the patterns today and then sew ahead, I also want them all. Wishing you a lovely weekend. :)



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