torsdag den 1. november 2012


You are going to the movies, because you should see the new James Bond movie "Skyfall" - it's really good! I were lucky to see it on a pre-release last Wednesday. It is more like a classic Bond movie again, just like I love it. There is still lots of action, but it is not so action-packed and raw like the previous two movies. It's no secret that I think Daniel Craig is no good as Bond, but in Skyfall I kind of like him, although I still think a blonde Bond is wrong. The movie gives you a feeling that it could have been Sean Connery playing the role, Bond has become elegant again. The bad guy is blonde as usual, hyper-intelligent, completely insane, louche, and as something really new - bi-sexual. There are not as many babes as there used to be, but the two appearing are beautiful. It is like they're not that important anymore.

And then there's the car! Bond gets his beautiful, vintage Aston Martin DB5 out of the garage to drive M to safety. And then I, like the Bond nerd I am, notes the number plate and wonder if it is the same as in earlier movies. I went home and checked the internet and it is, except from GoldenEye, where it suddenly was number BMT 214 A (a director must have been sleeping). In Goldfinger, Thunderball and now in Skyfall the number was BMT 216 A. In Casino Royale Bond also drives a DB5, but it has another number since it was a car he won.

Sean Connery in front of his DB5 i in the movie Goldfinger from 1964.

Pierce Brosnan and DB5 in the movie GoldenEye from 1995.

Daniel Craig in the DB5 he won in Casino Royale from 2006.

And no, I have already disclosed that I'm not a complete Bond nerd, since I could not remember the number plate - only the first three letters. :)

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