torsdag den 15. december 2011

Christmas DJ: Crooners

It's not a big secret anylonger that I love the crooners from the fifties. Last year I played Christmas DJ to get you all in the right Christmas mood, so today I have gathered a Christmas Crooner collection for you all:

Nat King Coles "The Christmas Song" is my favourite Christmas song, it is simply the best. I just LOVE his voice:

But Mr. Cole has song other Christmas songs and this is perhaps one he shouldn't have recorded. Oh Tannenbaum in GERMAN:

I imagine the Germans laughing out loud.

This is something else. Here we have Nat back as we want him to sound: The Little Christmas Tree:

Frank Sinatra is another of my favourite crooners, here we hear his version of Jingle Bells. I cannot help singing loudly when I'm home alone:

Ol' Blue Eyes has song many Christmas songs, in fact there exist uncountable Christmas albums with his songs. I own a single (or two) of his Christmas albums. This song is really great: Mistletoe and Holly:

Try listen to the text - a.o.: Over-eating, merry greetings from relatives you don't know. He's into something.

Dean Martin is wonderful. Here is my favourite-Dean-Christmas-song: Let It Snow:

And I also love this different Christmas blues song - listen to Mr. Christmas Cool himself:

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :)

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