tirsdag den 6. april 2010


I'm home again after literally having got an overdose of family and great food. It has been so cosy and we have been so social that it is OK to come home again.

I've been a little more quiet than usual here on my blog - a lot has happened: we have moved old (96 years) great-granny to a nursery home, I've already attended a fleah market at her new home and bought a lot of great treasures, but that's another story. I've got a tooth pulled and got a new job! Almost at the same time, that is I got the tooth pulled one day and the next I filled myself with pills and cotton tampons and went to a job interview. It was definately much more fun being together with my new boss than with my dentist! But why a new job AGAIN! I'm literally tired, I always work, they promise a lot, but nothing happens ... mum has to move on. At the new job I already know half of my new colleagues, and they are the sweetest, so I think that THIS time it will be great and THIS time I'll stay there for a long time ... perhaps not for the rest of my life, but for long! Congratulations to me!

Perhaps I even get the energy to to diet after having stuffed all those chocolate eggs into my beak this Easter! ;)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Sorry about the tooth and I hope your new job treats you right.

  2. Thank you Rhonda.
    And also thank your for adding you as one of my followers, that really makes me happy.
    Have a great day. :)


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