søndag den 11. april 2010

Thank You, God!

I want the tone on my blog to be cheerful and light, both because I'm normally a happy optimist, but also so you want to read it.

Normally, I don't consider myself a strong believer, but yesterday something bad happened and I want to share it with you. Son was on his way to his work on his nice new moped, when he was ran over by a car in a right-hand turn accident. Luckily nothing happened to him except a huge bruise on his hip and a scratched knee. His many years of JuJutsu training has paid off so that he new how to fall the correct way. The lady who ran him down admitted her guilt to the police. Son's nice new moped is completely crashed and the police took it with them to test it for modifications, so he is in a very blue mood. He has saved for it for 18 months and he does not have much money - and now it is finally Spring!

I had to hug him many times and tell him that the most important thing is that he is alive, that nothing happened to him, and that things can be replaced. It is difficult for at sixteen year old boy to understand.

But why the HELL do people turn right without being 1,000 percent sure there is no one!!!???!!!

And why the HELL was son not wearing his helmet!!!???!!!

I don't know what I would have done if my little boy had been taken away from me!
Thank You, God!

2 kommentarer:

  1. My goodness! It was a shock to read this. So very glad that Tim is okay. He must never EVER ride without his helmet and he must drive defensively. Again, so glad it is just the bike that got hurt. The lady will have to pay for his moped, right?

  2. -> Flaurella, I'm going to find time and energy to write you a more detailed mail one of the coming days. He was VERY lucky, but yesterday he drove a moped without helmet ... again! DH got so angry. Yes, the lady's insurance pays and we hope we get enough to repair it (if it can be repaired).


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