torsdag den 17. oktober 2013

Autumn Decoration

Now it's time for indoor cosyness again, and since I love to decorate I have invented autumn decoration. It is not much, just some artificial leaves bought a eBay. I place them in our living room, in the window sills and on the tables. Son says "I see autumn leaves everywhere, but no trees?":

And I love to collect acorns and chestnuts in the nature, here in front of my nice scent lamp:

These nice fungus are carved in wood, and found on a garden exhibition some years ago:

And my crocheted cakes matches my autumn decor nicely:

You can fill these glass ornaments with what you like, right now it is acorns:

But acorns quickly dry and become dull, so I searched for "acorns" at Etsy, and look what I found:
They are handmade and very nice, and they'll last for many years.

I've completely forgotten this old decoration:
What a pity, but now it sees daylight again. It matches autumn perfectly with its dark brown look and artificial black berries.

And I also look forward to use my autumn jools again. I have previously shown you some of my collection, like here. And a few new things have sneaked into it, from Etsy, of course:
Acorn earings, fantastic colour.

And almost-matching acorn necklace:

And in a few days I will pack it all away and decorate for Halloween.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Sweet Sanne, this is another love that we share in common! I cannot get enough of autumn themed decor and have always had a total soft spot in my heart for acorns. They're not overly common in my part of the country, so I've loved finding decor and fashion examples of them over the years to bring into my home instead of the real deal.

    Happy last week of October & countdown to Halloween!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. How funny. We do indeed have the same taste. :) Have a nice weekend, and Happy Halloween to you, dear. :)


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