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Alt for Damerne, October 1955

I've scanned from Alt for Damerne (All for the Ladies), number 41 from 1955 for you. It is a Danish magazine, but I hope my foreign readers might get some inspiration from the photos. Remember all photos can be enlarged by clicking at them.

It is time for some autumn nostalgia:
I want a red coat like this one! :)

Here is the column The Doctor says:
There is a worried woman who has used her sunlamp too much, and another reader is asking if contact lenses are dangerous? I didn't know contact lenses were common in the fifties, but now I suppose they were. And the doctor is praising the "Elephant" who is emaciating. I better like our modern word: diet.

Here is discussed if you should stick to your own class:
A clever sixteen year old girl tells about her experiences.

And how about fashion - will it be long or short, full or tight?

Fortunately, there is something for everybody:

You can also sew it yourself, like this fabulous dress pattern:
I know I would love it to pieces! :)

Or you can change what you already have in your wardrobe, here are some useful tips:
Creativity for less - we like that.

If you're not fond of the bigger sewing projects, you can make yourself a nice little thing like this to keep your necessities in place:

Below are also some tips for the Gay bathroom.

On to my favourites, the ads. I have scanned a lot this time, since there were so many nice ones:
Is it a phone number? No, it is a world number! That slip is really classy!
But what's that? Someone has cut in the magazine. Yes, that's how it is with vintage magazines. Although there most often are very well preserved you might sometimes find cuttings in them, but most often it is nicely done. I think the former owner has cut out a coupon for the lovely dress pattern - I wish it was me!

An add for rice in which there even is a recipe:
And of course one collects silver cutlery from Georg Jensen. In fact, I have a fork and a spoon in this pattern, which I got as a Christening present.

The ads back then were often a nice little cartoon, like here:
I think they are very charming.

Or they could be real art, like here:
I love the zipper ad.

And the laundry could not be too white:
And she dares going to the chicken yard, but that's because she has Rinso.

You can often find a nice little column of mini ads at the end of the magazine, I suppose they were cheaper to buy:

Back then you could choose between seven different Rena puddings:
And Junghans Trivox was the kindest alarm clock in the world.

Lakkawella tea is strong and round, but never bitter:
And it is from Brugsen!

4 kommentarer:

  1. All I want to do this month is celebrate it and delight in the special brand of awesomeness that only October houses, and this post is doing that in spades. Such wonderful mid-50s styles and images. I've always been more of a princess/fitted coat kind of gal, but the older I get, the more I feel like I should add a swing coat to my wardrobe, too - especially if it was in a brilliant jewel tone like the ruby red stunner here. Something to add to the shopping and wish lists! :)

    So very many hugs & thanks for your dear friendship,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. You're welcome. I love my little tradition of scanning vintage magazines too, and I'm glad my foreign readers do get inspiration from the Photos too. :) And yes, the sew-it-yourself dress and the red coat is constantly in my dreams.

  2. Your foreign reader waves!
    It is stunning for me, to find out that there has been "sunbed issue" back in the 1955. It simply proves that all those things we think are "modern" are not.. they are quite the vintage ones.
    The cosmetics bag is adorable!
    Not only that, it's something I'm seriously considering to make soon..

    Have a great day, dear girl!

    1. Welcome to my blog, Marija. Your comment made me so happy, since I hoped the photos might inspire my foreign reades, and now I know they do. Have a nice day. :)


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