mandag den 21. oktober 2013

Monroe Monday

Marilyn Monroe

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  1. Now that's one for the boys! :) Seriously though, she's really rocking an alluring vibe here. I don't think you'll catch me anything quite the revealing anytime soon. I don't mind making cute little suggestive puns with a blog post title occasionally, but I'm not nearly as game to flash the kind of skin Marilyn looked beautiful doing here.

    You're not alone in working backwards when it comes to blog posts. I use Bloglovin' too, and also prefer to start with the oldest to the newest feeds most of the time. Please don't ever worry if you fall behind on my site, it's okay. Goodness, do I know how busy life can get sometimes. I like to try and stay fairly up-to-date with my feeds, but sometimes it's just not possible and we shouldn't stress or beat ourselves up with we have to press the "mark all as read" button sometimes, or just read/comment selectively. The whole blogging process should always feel like fun, if you ask me, not an obligation.

    Happy Thursday wishes, my dear friend!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. You are so absulutely right, blog reading (and writing) is intended to be fun and relaxing. In fact I don't buy ladies magazines anymore - except for my vintage ones. I read blogs like magazines. I have a handful of well written blogs, with topics that interest me. But since I love them, I also want to read them. Bloglovin is my best friend, doing so. Thank you for always being so kind. Have a lovely weekend, dear. :)


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