torsdag den 21. februar 2013

ALT for Damerne, February 1953

I've scanned another vintage ALT for Damerne (ALL for the Ladies). This time from February 1953 to match the month. Remember that you can click all pictures into larger formats.

First the cover which I think is pure art, without a lot of annoying neon coloured titles.

This is two tips about how the homemaker has to watch the minutes and spend her time cleverly:

There was a Doctor column, where you could ask health related questions:

At the food pages, you could send in your own ideas and clever advice - like this about cooking your vegetables in plastic bags to separate them in the same pot, not a bad idea at all:

I have also scanned a recipe (unfortunately in Danish), a gratin with apples and almonds, yummi! Notice the cheerful serving. In the fifties everything was about cheerful serving and funny names, since almost everything was rationed - except humour:

And your hair should be short and wavy, says Paris:

We continue to the commercials, my favourites. Here it is Anders And (Donald Duck) - the magazine of the world:

I didn't know that one of my favourite  lip balms is so old:

Focus was on the lips, here is an artistically lipstick commercial from Louis Philippe. I love vintage lipstick cases:

Are you tired out at 3 p.m.? ... then go home! As the Secretary to the Management said when I was an apprentice. You could also drink a cup of Medova tea:
The pharmacologists have proved it to sharpen the capacity for thinking!

Something that is delicious and cheap - and I don't think it is the young homemaker they have in mind!

I will end with this commercial for the best vacuum cleaner in the world, and I'm serious. R2D2, as it was called when I lived with my parents and cleaned with one like this:

I will go make myself a cup of tea to sharpen my capacity for thinking!

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  1. Oh my word, the outfit on the cover is so tremendously chic and beautiful! I want the whole thing!!! :) These images are all fantastic. I love vintage fashion magazines so, so much. Even if I can't understand the language they're written in, I'd always add any to my collection just for the amazing photos and illustrations alone.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, Jessica. I'm glad you like them, although there are in Danish. I always hunt for vintage, especially from the fifties, magazines at fleamarkets. Have a lovely weekend.


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