torsdag den 16. maj 2013

Latest Nails

But doesn't she wear nail polish any more, you ask? Yes I do, but I have been reported sick from serious stress for some months now. And besides trying to relax, I have cleaned a lot, since it is my way to get rid of my frustrations. And cleaning and nice nails is not a great combination. I do have a few nails to show you. I made the Danish flag nails for a girl friends fiftieth birthsday:
I have first painted two layers with a white Depend, let it dry completely, put nail tape on and lastly painted the lovely glitter red Ruby Slippers from Color Club. Everybody loved it.

For my birthday last year, I wished for Leading Lady from Essie, but I was lucky to get a box of three mini Essies, and I loved all of them. I could not decide which one to try first Leading Lady or Beyond Cosy, therefore I tried both at the same time using nail tape:

This diagonal design is super easy and always looking great, so I got a lot of compliments and my photo, which is taken in my bathroom, does not do the lovely colours justice.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Sweet Sanne, I'm very sorry that you've been feeling unwell due to severe stress for some time now {{{huge hugs}}}.

    Wonderful nails! The wee little green heart on the second mani is such a charming touch.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I'm feeling much better now, thank you. I've stayed home for three months, just being a zombie. I'm glad to have a really great job and some understanding bosses. Yes, I love the green rhinestone heart too. It ads some ekstra colour. :)


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