onsdag den 25. juni 2008

Packing the Bare Necessities

I'm going on summer holiday this Friday, so I've started packing. When it comes to jewellery I just pack the bare necessities (as Baloo sings):
Bombshells don't travel light! If I can't choose I take all of it.
All of the jewellery in the photo is vintage, except for the Titanic set and the pink watch at right.

Most of my jewellery is from the fifties. I always bring a lot of different lucite confetti ear clips, clamber bracelets, a few necklaces and LOTS of charm bracelets. I LOVE charm bracelets. The pearl necklace at the bottom right in the tiny purse is made of very old genuine pearls. You cannot buy such pearls anymore.
I started with a nice little purse for my jewellery, now this lucite box-purse is filled to the top. Hmm! ;)

I don't master the art of limitation.

I wish you all a GREAT summer! :)

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