søndag den 15. juni 2008

Vintage Car Exhibition

Last Sunday we attended a vintage car exhibition. We just came, parked my sweet, old Opel GT and walked around in the sunshine admiring all the lovely cars. Here it is in the line:

I love vintage MG's almost as much as Morgans:

This one was my dad's first car, it was already considered vintage 45 years ago. His was named "Rolling" and kept falling apart everyday - but we all loved it (it is a Morris 8):

Dear husband and I could agree on this one - a Ford A (I thought it was a B), cute old car:

I'm not an Opel fan, I only love the GT model, but this one is very lovely too, reminds me much of a Buick:

I want a shiny, black Citroën from the thirties before I die. I'm sure it will become me when I'm an elderly lady:

The car that became James Dean's destiny:

A little, happy frog - not elegant but very cute (Austin Frog's Eye):

We could also agree on this cream coloured beauty:

Me, eating a quick and simple lunch:

"Jensen" is a Danish car, here is "The Boss" as his number plates states:

Finally, a relaxing rest at the end of the day:

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