mandag den 26. maj 2008

The Mysterious Gargoyle

As some of you might know we are getting a new roof for our thirties house. What a mess, but the project goes great. One day last week dear husband called me from the roof (thanks to mobile phones) and said he had found a strange cat head. I rushed up to see it, here it is:

We suppose it has been over the first main door many, many years ago. Out of its mouth came an electrical wire, looked very strange, but we think that a lamp has been coming out of its mouths to light up the main door in the past. It is looking quite scaring, not pretty at all, see close up here:

We had to break it down and we have made fun about that it has chased evil ghosts away and now hell will break out in our house, but the carpenter said that he was sure the gargoyle itself was an evil spirit and that it is good it is now gone.

PS: No hell has broken out yet! But if any of you know anything about these strange and quite ugly decorations let me know. :)

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