søndag den 16. januar 2011


I’m not stingy! And I hate being stingy, because if you are stingy with money you probably also stingy with something else. But I am frugal – everything is glued, mended and used to the last bit at our home. I cut my cream tube into two so I can use the rest. Often there is one week’s use left when you think a day cream tube is empty. And long ago I’ve stopped buying products I don’t believe in, e.g. slimming and anti-cellulite creams. Understand it – they don’t work!

Denmark has the World Record(!), yes really – in the most expensive café latte. For very long I’ve refused to pay SO much for SO little. It is very easy and quick to make a super delicious latte yourself: invest in a milk foamer (cost about 2 dollars in Denmark). Boil water, put the milk in the microwave oven (or in a small pot – 3.5 ounce per tall glass, it must not boil), put one teaspoon instant coffee powder and a a little sugar in each glass, pour the boiling water over, foam the milk, divide the milk and the foam into the glasses, pour more water in the glasses until full and voila! Delicious latte for almost nothing!
Latte is served at Café Stone Corner.

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  1. I have never had a latte. Feh! I have also never been inside a Starbuck's Coffee Shop. Starbuck's is on every corner here in the States. I am not a sweet coffee fan - I just like high octane (very strong) regular coffee, maybe with a little cream or almond milk now and then. And I only drink hot tea if I am ill. However, I drink ice tea (as we call it in the South, rather than "iced" tea in the rest of the USA) every single day even if it is way below freezing outside. Go figure!

  2. -> Flaurella, You've never had a latte! I love them, I think it's because I don't like the taste of coffee. ;) It's legal to put a lot of milk, sugar, different syrups and a dust of cocoa at the top, ahh. And I drink tea all day long, but I'm living in a much colder climate than you. One day I'll make you a latte we drink poolside. :)

  3. POOLSIDE?? ... You may drink a latte or tea, my friend. I shall have a margarita! :))

  4. 6 clicks for every comment I make on your blog, every single time. Perhaps you can fix this? (maybe it is just becasue I am not from DK?)

  5. -> Flaurella, OK, I think I'll share a margarita (or cosmopolitan) with you by the pool instead. :)

    Yes, I know, very annoying. It's the same for me at other blogs. Try Google Chrome, it's a very positive difference from IE.


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