tirsdag den 4. januar 2011

Resolutions for 2011

No resolutions this year! In fact I never have resolutions since I think it is stupid and that they are almost made to be broken at the end of January. Last year DH made up a shared resolution for us and I want to stress that he did his very best to break it all year long. He topped it by investing in a lawn mower at 5,455 dollars, which I dickered down to 4,545 dollars, but that’s pretty expensive anyway. Yep, we have a very nice lawn all Summer.

Shop less
The resolution did something good – my shopping-gene has almost withered. I do shop a little, but I’m very proud that it isn’t much. I’ll continue doing so.

Tidy up, clear out
I have cleared out a lot of things including tidied up the basement. I have carried lots of bags to the second hand shops, trashed something and put up for sale at our Danish version of eBay. But I’m sure more can be cleared out.

Well, that’s an evergreen. But as soon as my belly stops hurting after my operation, I want to use my EasyShaper.

It is genius and super effective – if I use it.

Loose 3-4 kilos
I’ve already lost 3½ kilos, but want to loose 3 more, 4 would be perfect. What a lot of clothes I can fit then!

Enjoy life
I love my everyday life, because it fills most of my life. I will enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace with a mug of tea, or in my vintage garden swing during Summer, take a ride in my vintage car or backseat at DH’s motorcycle. I think it is good to be pleased with the daily things and never just take them for granted.

4 kommentarer:

  1. When I accomplish something I like to say that it was my New Year's Resolution. I cheat and wait until I have accomplished it to make it, if that makes sense.

  2. -> Tiffany,That is really smart! :) I think I'll adopt that method.

  3. I want to come and sit on your pretty patio one summer day!

  4. -> Flaurella, you are always welcome, and I do have a lovely guest room in the basement. :) But next year I come over and visit you - NO MATTER WHAT! I come all by myself if that's what needed. Trust me!


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