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My Top Ten Beauty Products

I’ve been inspired by some lovely Swedish women’s blog challenge to write about your favourite beauty products. I have not been challenged myself but just been inspired. If you also are inspired, please leave a link to share. I’m not sure if all of my products listed are available outside Denmark.

I use makeup every day and I also cleanse my skin every night. I am very old-fashioned, so I use a mild facial wash – NOT a soap – usually a fluid one from Oriflame. Right now it is this one, but they have other good ones:

After having washed my face I use rose water from Matas (equals to Boots) as a toner. They have stopped selling it, but order it especially for me if I buy six bottles. I can easily do so, since I use it every day.
My grandmother always used rose water, and she hardly had a wrinkle when she died. It is mild and has a lovely scent, I sincerely recommend it.

I have dry skin, so I cannot live without facial creams. My favourite day cream which I always return to is from Aldi! Yep, Aldi, the German discount supermarket. It is named Biocura Anti-Wrinkle. It works, has a lovely scent and is very inexpensive.

I use many different night creams, but during winter I often return to good old Nivea. It is very fat and works wonders for my skin when the winter makes my dry skin even more dry.

A cream I cannot live without is Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream. It is really fantastic on cold noses, peeling lips to sunburned shoulders. It does not heal your skin in eight hours, but it heals really fast.

As mentioned I use makeup every day, but I am not true to any brands. I go for colours. For about 30 years I have searched for the perfect red lipstick and finally found it about a year ago.
It is from Oriflame and is named Love Red. It is the perfect red shade, and it is soft and comfy to wear, like a lip balm, and without feathering. I don’t need neither a primer nor a lip liner. I have bought three to put on stock in the fridge.

I always use mascara and keep trying different brands, who promises a lot, but I keep returning to Max Factor’s 2000 Calories. This is simply the best mascara.

I love talc and use it every night after my bath or washing. My favourite scent is from Italy, it cost almost nothing so I always buy a lot at their local markets. I pour the content of the bags into a nice jar and use a big puff.

I have very sensitive teeth, so for many years I have used Sensodyne toothpaste, since it really works.

And as all of you might know I love nail polish and cannot live without my flash dryer. I have a very old one from Wet’n’Wild, which is oily and it really works. Unfortunately, you cannot buy it any longer, but I have seen that Essie also have an oily one. I will invest in it when I have used my old one.
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  1. Oh cool! I love looking at foreign women's magazines to see what other ladies use but this is way cooler. Thanks for sharing!

    I wonder if the Aldi here in Brisbane would have that moisturizer? Hmm!

  2. -> StephC, I also loved reading about the Swedish women's products. I think the Aldi cream is worldwide, since I found a lot of photos with English text. Let me know if you do the same product challenge.

  3. Biocura cosmetics are one of my favorites :)


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