torsdag den 2. februar 2012

Buy of the Year 2011

Previously, I have elected the Buy of the Year. In 2009 it was my little travel immersion heater that I bring with me on all my holidays, so I can enjoy a mug of tea. In 2011 it was my Pyrex measuring cup which I almost use daily, it is especially good when making latte. Previously the elections have been flea market finds, but since I haven’t defined the nomination precisely (and since I’m the one who determines the election) I thought that it could as well be something handmade. Anyhow it has to be something you cannot just run to the nearest supermarket and buy, and it has to be something that has made me especially happy and also made a difference. E.g. I have bought many beautiful nail polishes, but I don’t think I can say that they have made a difference. ;)

During Spring and early Summer I went down with stress twice and lost most of my memory. It is not much fun, especially not when you’re used to have everything in control and being able to remember everything. So I bought a beautiful, handmade note book at Etsy:
It is leather bound and the paper is handmade luxury paper, and taking this into consideration, the price was a bargain. I love note books, but when I sit with a brand new unused book, I always make silly rules about what to write and that it has to look nice and tidy. But with this one I promised myself to write whatever I felt for or needed. I have written lists, quotes, poems, ideas, thoughts – just what comes to my mind. And it helped! It did not remove my stress, but it has been and still is a great help in my weekday. It lies on my living room table because it is decorative, but also because I quickly can look up things or write down something. At Etsy you can find lots of beautiful handmade note books, so if you are tempted I sincerely recommend it. There should be something for everybody and every purse.

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