lørdag den 18. september 2010

Buy of the Year 2009

Now when the season for flea markets are almost over, I thought I would nominate "buy of the year" for last year:

I love to pack when I’m going on vacations. Half of the pleasure for me is almost writing packing lists of all the things I want to bring with me. I don’t travel light, and I’ve known for long, so I collect everything in mini-sizes. All my creams, shampoo, soaps, makeup-set, hairbrush, even my curling iron – everything is mini-sized.

Last Summer I bought this old mini immersion heater at a flea market for what equals to one dollar:
Everybody laughed at me. I will date it to the late sixties since the colours and the pattern was very poplular at that time.

And if I should name something “buy of the year 2009” it should be this. Because it makes me so happy to put it into my mug and in less than a minute after I have boiling water for at cup of tea – or coffee for DH. So much happiness for so little money!

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