søndag den 26. september 2010

Day of the Apple

I've been visiting a University that celebrated the Day of the Apple. I had remembered my tiny camera, but unfortunately the batteries were flat. I have a girlfriend who works there and have told us about it. And it was indeed very interesting, which the number of visitors also showed - cars were parked several kilometres down the road.

You could taste apple cider (and wine for 2 dollars), you could learn how to graft, to cook mash and press juice. I would love to own this set:
The press is so nice you can use it for decoration and the very large "parsley mincer" could be stowed away in the shed.

You could bring your own apples and have their sort estimated, but there was a very long queue. And you can do it yourselv at home using this great website. They used the same tool for estimating, but they could also taste the apples.

Afterwards, we went for a long walk in the huge plantation area, and our good friend Jesper's son made us an "apple tasting safari". I have never tasted so many different kinds of apples. We were three boys and one gal - and guess who was the only one who had a tiny pocket knife?

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