mandag den 6. september 2010

Flea Market and MC Sunday

Yesterday, DH had dedicated the whole day to me - his words, not mine, but I don't complain. We started at a little local flea market, but it was so small and we were just warmed up, so we continued to a larger one. Here is what I invested in:

Artificial apple blossom sprigs - 1½ dollar each, they will look nice in my bedroom.
A lovely decanter - 1½ dollar.
A nice wooden game - 1½ dollar (I don't know the name of the game in English).
Three nice nail polish colours (red, blue, pink) - a dollar each. I already know the glittery red will become a favourite for all the Christmas parties.
A mini hand cream for my purse - 50 cents.
A Royal Copenhagen mouse - 6½ dollars.
A lovely blue, vintage glass necklace - 8 dollars.
Two pairs brand new (vintage stock) kid skin gloves - 1½ dollar each.

DH was also lucky, he found a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses for 16 dollars, a Dewalt drilling machine also for 16 dollars (he just loves tools), and various cords, soldering iron, and fuses. He started liking flea markets after he found some treasures too.

We went home to eat a quick lunch and then we took on all the motorcycle clothes, because we had a date with my BIL and SIL (DH's sister and husband). We went to "Malerklemmen", which is a cafe in a wood where a lot of motocyclists meet the first Sunday every months. The weather was more than perfect.

Here is DH in front of his motorcycle, aka the "Rat". Behind it you see BIL's fast red Japanese cycle:

Here we are eating a kind of Danish doughnut with softice (me and DH at the left):
Malerklemmen is known for their homemade doughnuts and during Summer you get them with soft ice cream, to make it more summery. These doughnuts are a Danish Christmas tradition.

There were mostly Japanese cycles, but four Harleys, one Norton and one vintage Victoria were also in the collection. This is one of the more special machines:

DH likes this Drag Star, it is truly nice in grey and black:

A little red Harley with a pink helmet - I guess it is a lady bike:
(remember all photos can be clicked into larger size)

So I ought to have stayed at home dusting the whole house and fighting the weeds in the garden, BUT now I'm recharged and happy, and I suppose both dust and weed will still be there next weekend.

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  1. Nice blog entry! Enjoyed readiing it and all the pictures! What is "softice?" Is this similar to X X X Powdered Sugar sprinkled on top like we eat here on "funnel cakes?" Would have written sooner but 8 weeks into recovering from surgery on my back that is not healing well. Email me when your surgery is scheduled. Am sending good thoughts and hopes for you and more woonderul flea-market finds soon!

  2. Thank you, Flaurella. I will write a short (!) mail to you soon. I'm sad to hear about your back surgery, and I do hope you're feeling better. "Softice" is just soft ice cream, I thought it was the same in English. I'll correct my text.

    lots of e-hugs and good thoughts from Denmark :)


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