lørdag den 5. februar 2011

Buy of the Year 2010

Buy of the Year 2010 must be my vintage Pyrex measuring can which I found at our local flea market in the Spring of 2010. I think I paid 1 dollar for it. I was a little in doubt if it was vintage or not, because it is so timeless that it is almost modern. But while I walked around with it, a pair of elderly ladies said: “Look a vintage Pyrex!”.

It is perfect! Perfect size, because measuring cans are always too big or too small. This is half a litre and there are also American measures at the other side. And it goes right into the microwave oven when I make home made café latte.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I found one of these last week and did not hesitate to grab it. I needed it and it was PYREX, which I love. Great find!!!!

  2. I used this same measuring cup for almost 40 years and was very sad when it finally cracked. I had to buy a replacement since I cannot use plastic as handily and Pyrex is the best. I now continue to use the replacement every day for something or another and the size is perfect. Good buy for a buck!

  3. -> Tiffany, I don't collect Pyrex, and I don't think it is as great in Denmark as in the US, but I think it is great products, so if I found more I'll surely buy it.

    -> Flaurella, yes, it was a true bargain for such a great product. If I ever find one more, I'll buy it for my Summer cottage.

    Wishing you both a lovely week. :)


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