onsdag den 16. februar 2011

Valentine’s Day

Is not something we celebrate at our house. Son and I introduced Halloween in 2001, because we needed some decorations and cosiness during Autumn. We had a great time each evening for a week making a lot of home made decorations. Many Danes think we are silly – they think it is very American. That’s how I feel about Valentine’s Day – if you love somebody you should tell them every day, not only on 14 February.

Monday, DH came home with a bag full of Valentine’s gifts for me:
He had visited the local “dollar store”, because he knows I love MANY gifts.

I got (from left): a box full of bathing goodies with a lovely old fashioned rose scent, nice socks with glittering stars, a red heart shaped alarm clock, a snow globe in which I was told to put a photo of him, love tape (I’ve never seen such before), and kiss magnets for the fridge.

I think I will reconsider introducing Valentine’s Day! :)

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