fredag den 30. juli 2010

Great Tools …

are half the work, my dad has always said! And I will say it also applies to us women, so I’ve bought a new iron:
Although I never wish for practical things (besides small practical things from the jeweller), I simply had to own this and since it was discounted to half price this week, I rushed to the shop and invested about 65 dollars.

It has THREE metres fabric cord (when have you last owned something with a fabric cord?), it has FOUR steam settings, steam shot and vertical steam, it has a spray function, double anti-lime function … and it is PINK! The perfect iron! I tried it yesterday on one of my new Chinese silk kimonos, and everybody knows that silk is not much fun ironing, but it is almost a pleasure ironing with my new pink dream.

Sorry, for sounding like a commercial, but I’m so excited!
Well I have to run … gotta iron. Wishing you all a lovely weekend. :)

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