søndag den 28. februar 2010

I'm Outraged!

Yesterday, I went to a sale in a nearby City. I invested in a lot of jewellery which God knows I don't need and even cannot convince myself that I needed. Only excuse was that it was incredible reduced, from 146 dollars to 18 dollars. When I'm finished cringing with embarrasment you'll perhaps get some photos.

Well, on my way home I thought I could buy some groceries and fruit in a supermarket, and found myself standing with a box with four small ecological apples for FIVE (5!!!) dollars!!! Who in the world pays so much for four small paltry apples!?

4 kommentarer:

  1. I hope you are feeling better today, I am sorry for your son.
    Your Apronite of the Month page is up, do check it out and let me know if you like it or the new layout of the Entertainment/cocktail party page. feel better.

  2. Jewels are a better bargain than apples! What happened to Son?

  3. -> Donna, I love my Apronite page and will write you a mail tonight. Thank you for your kind consideration. :)

  4. -> Flaurella, Yes, and it is much more fun buying jewels than overprices apples. I'll write you a mail, nothing new and serious, just me having af mum-breakdown.


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