torsdag den 24. april 2014

Paris, Part 1: The Tour

Are you ready to take a trip with me to Paris? I hope so, because I have a Paris theme the coming three Thursdays. Let's start with the tour. We visited Paris during Easter and we were speed-tourists, guided by our best friend and we did really see all the things you have to see in Paris. We stayed at the smallest hotel room ever:
I am literally hanging out of the window to take this photo, but it was nice and clean and everything functioned.

The view from our window, nothing to complain over here:

We lived this close to Notre Dame:
Paris, Notre Dame

Le Train Bleu, the famous and very beautiful restaurant:
Paris, Le Train Bleu

A quick view inside, fabulous ceilings:
Paris, Le Train Bleu

Sacre Coeur in sunshine:
Paris, Sacre Coeur

DH and I in front of one of the vintage stairs to the metro:
Paris, Vintage Metro

Moulin Rouge:
Paris, Moulin Rouge

And the photo of  the Eiffel tower from my Dreambox, which I wanted to take myself:
Paris, Eiffel Tower
I have taken incredibly many photos of the Eiffel tower and am still sorting them.

And this one is taken without a tripod in the night:
Paris, Eiffel Tower
I am SO in love with the Eiffel tower.

Arch the Triomphe:
Paris, Arc de Triomphe

We visited the Swarovski shop at Champs Elysee:
Paris, Swarovski
Here I am sitting on the beautiful crystal stairs.

Notre Dame:
Paris, Notre Dame
We didn't go up the tower, since there literally was a queue about 500 metres long.

And Saint Sulpice:
Paris, Saint Sulpice

Where the Da Vinci Mystery movie was filmed:
Paris, Saint Sulpice

The Rose Line, which of course is pure fiction:
Paris, Saint Sulpice

We went on top of Mont Parnasse, to enjoy the view of the city:
Paris, Eiffel View
Here we are with the Eiffel tower in the background: the best friend, his sweet girlfriend, aka the mouse, myself and DH.

We also enjoyed La Fayette, which is an unbelieable beautiful but also very expensive shopping mall:
Paris, La Fayette

I was in love with the crazy bottled message shoe:
Paris, La Fayette

I was in nail polish heaven:
Paris, Sephora
We visited a huge Sephora at Champs Elysee, and I know you won't believe me when I say I didn't buy anything.

I was in book heaven:
Paris, Shakespeare & Company
Shakespeare & Company, where I could have stayed for several weeks. Here I bought two small books and lovely bag.

I was in food heaven:
The whole pot is mine, all alone.

And I was in creme brülee heaven:
Paris, Creme Brülee
Ooh, lovely dessert nausea. ;)

Next week I will show you what I brought with me home. This holiday I did shop a little, although everything was VERY expensive.

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  1. Oh-la-la!!! How splendidly awesome!!! I think I'd most like to see Paris in the spring the first time I go (the eternal optimist in me like to believe I'll get there someday!), as you've done here. Not too hot, not too cold, and filled with the beauty of springtime blooms and blossoms on top of the city's already amazing sights and landscapes. Thank you for taking us along on your travels, dear Sanne. I really look forward to seeing more of this great trip!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, Jessica. I've also been told that spring time is the best time to visit Paris.


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