torsdag den 10. april 2014

Spring Nails

Well, the first is a snow mani, which I forgot to post earlier:
OPI Skislope Sweetie
It is made with OPI Skislope Sweetie with OPI I Snow You Love Me, which I laboriously have placed in rows on each nail, except my ring finger which have got a layer of long holo glitter from Etsy.

This lovely duo chrome polish is from our tour to Germany. I just love duo chrome polishes:
It is from BeYu and has number 484. I have added dots with OPI's Tomorrow Never Dies, my favourite purple polish.

I call this mani "marshmallows":
The white polish is Sally Hansen's Beach Babe, my favourite white, and the pink texture polish is P2's Adorable. I've added a single rhinestone on each nail. I really loved this mani all week.

And here is my favourite spring green: Essies Navigate Her, on which I have dapped a glitter gradient with Sinful Colors Call You Later:
Nice and easy.

And here is one of the other polishes bought in Germany:
Astor's number 257 (it is simply so boring when polishes are just numbered) with a rhinestone eranthis, which my top coat unfortunately has etched a bit. I really wish I could find a top coat that did not ruin my rhinestones.

This is my latest buy from ModLacquer, Etsy:
It was a little set of four minis and I simply could hear it cry Easter Nails. I bought several polishes from her, because she really had a great selection, which I will show you later.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I love the Easter nails! I wish you a darling evening!

    1. Thank you, Annie. And same over to you. :)

  2. Each manicure is artful and lovely! I absolutely LOVE the Easter nails. Headed to the mountains for a week or so then a few days at the beach in Melbourne where we met in person. Wishing you and yours a beautiful Easter. xox, Flaurella

    1. Thank you, dear. I have wanted to write you a mail for several weeks, I'm SO sorry. But tomorrow morning we are going to PARIS!!! So then I have even more to tell you and pics to share. I hope you both have a lovely Easter. lots of e-hugs Sanne


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