torsdag den 8. maj 2014

Paris, Part 3: Nice and Mixed

Here I have collected funny photos, because I always see details which I suppose most people would not take photos of.

Here the mouse shows a vertical garden in the metro:
A great idea if you only have a balcony.

And a false bridal couple at the stairs up to Sacre Coeur:
They looked so sweet and lovestruck, but when they walked away she lifted her dress and you could see she was wearing blue jeans and black flats underneath. Well, the world wishes to be fooled.

One of the old metro signs, which unfortunately didn't function any more:

Our shadows in front of the Eiffel tower:
I'm at the right side.

We enjoyed a cup of coffee with a view to the Eiffel tower:

A UFO!!!
It was an exhibition of very modern and futuristic furniture at the very expensive antique flea market.

And we saw scooters with three wheels:
I have never seen them before, but since they were everywhere, I suppose they are great.

A very typical French magazine kiosk:

In Paris lovers lock padlocks to the bridges and throw the key into the water as a sign of eternal love:

There were LOTS of padlocks:

A house boat with an amphibian car:

Parma ham for the people:

And we attended a speed divine service, which we didn't understand:

Fabulous shadow writing in La Fayette:
I really want this at my home, but I think you have to bend a lot before making the text.

Decisions, decisions:

DH and the best friend, who could not help himself:

We were in the country of cheese, but didn't get any cheese at all for breakfast, so we bought a small selection ourselves. Here it hangs in the shadow outside our window:

Minion Easter eggs:

Do they also have Rent a Wreck in France:

In France they let out water at the highest place which then runs down the streets and cleans the gutters:

A very nice tea pot cake.

And a mystical man who walks through the wall:
On our way up to Sacre Coeur.

Well, that's all folks. :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Enjoyed ALL three Paris photo tours. It looks like it was a very fun and busy vacation! Flaurella

    1. Thank you so much, dear. I will mail you soon, think of you so often, and so many things have happened, but never find time to write, so damn sorry. lots of e-hugs

  2. What a fabulous array of sights and activities! The locks always strike a chord with me. I think we need a similar lock collection somewhere here in Canada. I know of a couple for license plates, but none for locks. All of your Paris posts have been such a blast to see! I really hope to follow in your footsteps and visit there one day, too.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you very muck. The lovers Lock is a very charming tradition, perhaps you could start it in Canada? Some one has to start new traditions, you know. :)


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