torsdag den 1. maj 2014

Paris, Part 2: Shopping

Last week I showed you photos from our trip to Paris, but what did I bring with med home, you ask? Normally, I never buy souvenirs, but in Paris I went all-in on souvenirs.

Of course I bought jewellery:
Two pairs of Eiffel tower earrings, a charm bracelet, a small silver charm for my travel bracelet, and a key ring DH gave me, while we stood under the Eiffel tower.

At home, I had already planned on finding a beautiful snow globe and an old fashioned souvenir scarf. Good old fashioned souvenirs, the way I like them. Here is the snow globe, which plays La Vie En Rose:
It looks lovely in my new room.

I ended up buying two scarfs:
First the black and white one, which I used in Paris, because the first two days were very cold. Later I found the perfect souvenir scarf in true fifties style. They only cost about 2 dollars each.

I also bought this lovely "pashmina" for only 8 dollars:

Nice quality and lovely woven pictures:
I have already enjoyed wearing it a few times. I just adore shawls, and have quite a collection.

And I simply had to buy a little box of Macarons with me home:

A few mixed souvenirs: a contour cut of myself, which I didn't even noticed the artist made, since I was looking at the mouse having her portrait cut. A small practical purse, nice to have in my pocket, and a funny, vintage, naked lade who dances hula, when you turn the knob under her feet.

DH found these lovely table mats, which have other pictures at the reverse side, so we have eight different motifs to enjoy:

We visited a wonderful luxury candy shop, where I bought a little, expensive box with French nougat:
But, we were in France! ;)

And I looked over the shoulders of all the artists everywhere, and ended up buying these two beautiful paintings:

In Shakespeare & Company I bought this lovely bag, which I think my needlework will live in, and two small books:
A reproduction of Make Do and Mend from 1943 and love poems. The books were also very espensive, so I had to behave.

A funny black and white watch in early sixties style:

A black and white hand bag, which I got for about 20 dollars:
It matches the black and white shoes I bought in Germany perfectly.

I bought an expensive newspare umbrella in La Fayette:
I had one about 30 years ago, and have missed it since.

I also visited an artist shop near our hotel. I looked around alone for a long time. It was lovely, and I "talked" with the sweetest elderly ladies, although they only spoke French and I don't. I bought a really nice sketch book and a watercolour palette with 18 different colours, which I look very much forward to trying:
And strangely enough, neither of the two were expensive.

And I bought dull, ugly shoes:
Because my feet hurt so much, so I had to buy myself a new pair. I first bought the beige pair for only about 13 dollars, and when I found out how comfy they were, I bought myself two more pairs. So now I am ready for walking on our future holidays.

Perhaps not the most exciting shopping, but then different, I suppose.

Next week I end my Paris theme with Nice and Mixed, so look forward. :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. You found some darling items! Love the shoes! :)

    1. Thank you, Annie. They're not exactly nice, but very comfy. :)

  2. What an incredible haul to bring home from your exciting journey to Paris. I scrolled up and down the photos here three times, soaking in each marvelous, fun filled item from the scrumptious macarons to the cheeky naked hula girl and of course those fabulous, very well priced shoes (I would have bought some as well for that great price). I'm very happy that you found so many awesome treasures to bring home, enjoy and remind you of your trip for ages to come now.

    Have a splendid Sunday, my dear friend!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Ooh, thank, Jessica. I think it is a funny mix I brought home, but I love it all. :)


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