mandag den 26. maj 2014

Monroe Monday

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  1. That dress!!! Ohhhh and that fab roadster, too! What a cool photo. The juxtaposition of glam and everyday life on the road is striking and so quintessentially MM to me.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* New new orange shoes sound fantastic! I wish I could pop by 'round and help you style them. I've developed a deeper appreciation for orange since meeting Tony, as it's his favourite colour (and I have a tradition of wearing it now on his birthday). I like to pair orange with dark yellows, greys, blues, white, some greens, and browns. Of course it works well with black, too, but that marriage of hues so often screams Halloween, which while my favourite holiday, is rarely a look I'm going for when it's not late October. :)

    1. I love both MM and vintage cars, so it's the perfect Photo for me. And thank you for all your advice on styling my new orange shoes. I truly love them, but they don't match anything I own. And I don't want them to look to Halloweenish, although I also love that Holiday. :)


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