torsdag den 5. maj 2011

How Life Should Be

Last Sunday, we and our BIL opened Café Malerklemmen on DH’s motorcycle. The weather was beautiful, but cold – I regret that I didn’t put on my Winter mc-trousers. Fortunately, we came early, so we got our lunch quick. I brought my little camera and took some photos of the two-wheeled:
Some had brought their identical twin:
Som had brought their ”girl”:
Others had brought ”the black bitch”:
Some had a very thorough army-look:
And some had a pair of tough knight-like gloves:
I love paintbrush art:
The blaze here had some minimal but funny mirrors:
There were some insignia, a.o. No Name, Riverside and the Wild Hogs, as seen here:
As a contrast to the insignias I want to show you the owners' collection of vintage coffeepots:
Driving to the café I thought that this is how life should be on a day off: driving a tour through our lovely Danish landscape, DH once in while reaches back to pat my thigh (you cannot talk on an mc, you point and pat), eat a nice lunch, look at some mc’s, have a talk with the other mc-enthusiasts, drive home again and enjoy a homemade latte at Café Stone Corner.

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