torsdag den 10. marts 2011

A Crush on Ella

I've got a crush on Ella! I truly understand why Marilyn loved her music so much ...

When Marilyn discovered that, due to the colour bar, Ella Fitzgerald was not permitted to play in her favourite nightclub, the Mocambo in Los Angeles, Marilyn approached the manager, Charlie Morrison, and promised to sit in the front row for a week if he let Ella play. Morrison agreed to break the colour bar and Fitzgerald would never again have to play in a small, second-rate jazz club.

As Ella said "She [Marilyn] was beyond her time, she just didn't know it.".
They became friends for life.

I have several CD's and two LP's with Ella's music and I'm hearing it again and again. I highly recommend her music if you're in a vintage mood.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Just as there will never be another Marilyn, there will never be another Ella. Her singing is divine, and oh, how she could skat.

  2. -> Nancy, I couldn't agree more with you. Have a lovely Sunday. :)


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