torsdag den 28. april 2011

Colleagiate Cosiness

"Ohh, I love the French" "I'm not that crazy about it." "Oh dear, but it's a classic." "You can also do it another way than the usual!". As one of my sweet colleagues said, if you heard this bit of our conversation you would wonder a bit - what did you think this was about!? ;) It's about nails. I threw a "nail night" party for my lovely female colleagues. About 100 different nail polish colours came on the table, plus thousands of rhinestones, a little stack of art stickers, Konad stamps, glitter and about 50 art pens. We started the evening with pink champagne, ate sushi till we almost dropped, and laughed and talked a LOT.

I polished and decorated 40 nails with rhinestones in one night, here you see three of the four pairs of hands I decorated: Thank you for a fantastic evening to my wonderful colleagues. :)

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