torsdag den 23. august 2012

Wedding Cake

Tomorrow is our wedding day - the 21st. Earlier I've told you about how DH and I met, so this year I think I will show you our wedding cake:

I committed a big sin baking it myself. I've heard about lots of bad luck should strike you if you bake it yourself, but we're still together and still in love. It is a cake almost made solely of marzipan, so it was quite expensive making in August. But it is very easy to make and then you can be creative with the decorations. My dad made the heart-shaped form, back then you could not buy all those fancy cake forms:

I'm sorry about the quality of the old scanned photos, I didn't have the energy to find the originals and scan them again.

Many years later my best friend asked it I would bake her wedding cake? But of course! I just forgot to ask to how many guests - 90 plus!!! So they cost me two days off, but they became so nice that no one would believe I had made them myself:

CONGRATULATIONS to us, darling! :)

PS: Here is the recipe.

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  1. WOW! You did a good on making the cake. For me, it was just so simple but it is very elegant. Perfect!


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