torsdag den 27. juni 2013

Don't Buy Sleep-in curlers

And I really mean as in NEVER EVER!!!

It is the most lousy product I've ever tried! Now you're warned.

It seemed so glamorous:

And I am obsessed with curls! Perhaps because I have very straight hair, I'm always looking for the easy solution for getting lovely curls. I love easy solutions, so a few weeks ago I invested in these Sleep-in curlers:

But look at them - they're pink, have glitter at the ends and you can sleep with them! It would not get any better - I thought. It is soft foam rollers with velcro. You can read more about them here and watch videos etc. But the rollers are NOT soft when you have them in your hair and your head hits your pillow - it felt awful. And they were almost impossible to take out again due to the velcro. After about half an hour in bed, I realized that I would never get any sleep with them in, so I decided to get up and take them out. A little later I had to call DH for help, and having struggled a little he said he had to CUT one of them out of my long hair! Over my dead body, honey! But then son showed up, and he almost died from laughing. He wanted to take photos and post me on FaceBook, but with a lot of patience he got the last curlers out without cutting. Thank you, son!

I bought them for 17 GBP at Look Fantastic, and had no problems returning them and getting a refund.

So if you are looking for an easy solution you really can sleep with, I will recommend you The Sculpture Pin Curler. It is also great for travelling since it doesn't take up much space.

The easiest (and cheapest) solution is still the sock bun, but it gives more like waves than curls in my long hair.

And besides these, I also have my essential hot curlers from Babyliss, an evergreen you cannot live without.

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  1. Oh no! While they do look so fabulously cute and girly, I'd likely have bought them on those grounds alone, it's a complete shame that they aren't even remotely comfortable to sleep in given their name! Talk about an epic fail!!!

    Pre-wig days, if I wasn't doing pin or rag curls at night (a wet set was the only way I could get my fine, bone straight hair to take a curl), I loved pillow rollers (Goody makes some which I highly recommend). They're a bit comformier, IMO, than velcro or plastic (twist rods or traditional curlers), as they're filled with a thin layer of foam and a thin piece of wire. I'd wrap a big scarf around the whole lot and has no problem sleeping in them.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* What an awesome, small world! That's soooo cool about you having family in Kelowna! Have you ever visited this part of the world yourself? If you ever need me to bring anything to your relatives in Kelowna for you, please don't hesitate to ask (we're only about an hour away).

    1. I'm glad to hear you would have bought them too. A wet set is what works best for my long and very straight hair too. In fact I have a hot rag roller set too. Rag rollers are very comfy. And thank you for offering your help, but I only write with her. But I do think it is fun to still be in contact with her so far away.


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