torsdag den 10. juli 2014

Summer Nails

I've collected my summer nails for you in this post, but we start with my Easter nails, which I didn't like that much:
Sannes sommernegle
The light yellow is Sally Hansen's Go Bananas, which I have stamped with my new Bundle Monster Holiday Collection stamping plates. I just don't think it looks much like Easter egs, and my tape-chicken is not very good either - ough. Well, the good thing is that it is easy to remove. ;)

I am playing with stereotypes, that is styles many loves but which I never wear myself, e.g. flowers, red and pink. Here I have stamped roses on top of Misa's Fleeting Hibiscus:
Sannes sommernegle
It was not bad at all.

Back to my favourite colour, green - here R de L's Precious Metal:
Sannes sommernegle
The polish is a gift from a dear colleague, which I have dotted flowers onto, very easy.

I had bought some new tape which I wanted to try. I made this holographic texture manicure:
Sannes sommernegle
The holographic polish is my favourite from MakeupStore named Siw and the texture is IsaDora's Ocean Crush. I have added a matching rhinestone on each nail.

Summer calls for holo polishes, because they are so beautiful in the sunshine:
Sannes sommernegle

An old orange polish from Gosh Funky Orange:
Sannes sommernegle
I'm not especially fond of orange, but this one looks so lovely in the sunshine. I've made a simple dotted pattern with red on top of it.

Here I've done my nails at my summer cottage and painted them with the only polish I have there, a really boring light pink shimmer polish. I spiced it up with turquoise checks when I came home:
Sannes sommernegle
The turquoise is Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away.

Another stereotype, pink nails, which I never wear anymore:
Sannes sommernegle
But I did love these. The polish is L'Oreals Shocking Pink, which I would never have called it. I have dotted simple flowers at the tips. I think I will make these again one day.

And the last stereotype for now - butterfly nails:
Sannes sommernegle
I love the mint green colour, which is from Oriflame named Mint Pear, but the butterflies do not impress me. The one at my ring finger is good, but the others are just annoying.

4 kommentarer:

  1. My fave is the shocking pink/red with the single flowers. Also like the red roses a lot. All pretty! ~ Flaurella

    1. I loved them too, and will make them again. It was fun to try colours and styles I never use, and find that I did like some of them. We go on holiday from tomorrow, one week at my summer cottage, then one week at home and the third week at Austria, my favourite country. Will mail you about it later. Wishing you a lovely summer, dear. :)

  2. So lovely!!! The blue halo is my favourite of these manis, but each is really fantastic, including your Easter one that you're not too keen on (the cute hatched chick stamp alone makes it a win, if you ask me).

    ♥ Jessica


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