lørdag den 6. marts 2010

I Miss Austria!

I miss Austria although I lost our homemade version of "Black & White" every time:
I'm white.

I miss the time and the silence and my daily ride in the gondola:

A peak out of the gondola window and there is son skiing:

But on the other hand - I cannot wait for Spring anylonger:

3 kommentarer:

  1. Austria is lovely. Popping up of spring flowers is charming!

  2. Hi Sanne,

    Sorry it's been awhile since I stopped by. I've been super busy. I love the pictures of Austria. It looks gorgeous. I've been thinking of you lately because I just ordered a tea cup from Royal Copenhagen. The flowers are starting to bloom here. I'm anxious for Spring. It's been a long and cold winter. I hope all is well.


  3. -> Flaurella, I cannot wait for Spring anylonger, and look so much forward to enjoying flowers again.

    -> Gigi, Me too, I hardly have time to pop by a blog for a break these days. It's also been a very long and hard and snowy Winter here in Denmark, so Spring is VERY welcome. Enjoy your cup, Royal Cph makes a lot of beautiful things.

    Have a lovely weekend both of you. :)


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