onsdag den 17. marts 2010

It's Difficult to Predict ...

especially the future!

This do not prevent me from loving tarot decks. As most know I am a collector, but apart from many other items, I don't collect tarot decks, in fact I only own two sets: Legend: The Arthurian Tarot, which is based on the King Arthur legend, which always has fascinated me, and I found the cards very beautiful. And of course I own a Rider Waite deck in miniature. I think they are ugly and dull, but the size is perfect for travel use, when I have time to study.

Now I've found a fabulous tarot deck: The Housewives' Tarot. It cannot get better than this!

It is packed in a lovely little recipe box, divided by cards, on which there in fact are recipes printed on the back. There is also a brilliant and easy to understand little book.
The pictures are in the most lovely fifties style, the colours and the motifs are perfect:

And there are lots of humour in the deck, just take a look of the devil:
A big fat chocolate cake surrounded by other sinful temptations.

At the beginning of the book is written a short story about how the deck was born, you can believe it or not, but the story is sweet. It is told that it was invented by a perfect homemaker, who had everything from the latest fashion to her home in control, she had well-behaved kids, and a happy marriage. She showed the deck to her friends during a bridge evening, and told them the deck was her secret to her perfect life. She put the deck into production and became a successful business woman - I wonder if her home continued being perfect?

You can read the whole story here.

Well, I have to run and ask my new toy some important questions. :)

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