onsdag den 26. maj 2010

Vintage Car Exhibition during Whitsun

We went to a huge vintage car exhibition during Whitsun, that is Sunday and Monday and it was LOVELY! :) I shot about half a million photos and even after having deleted the usual approx. 400,000 there were really many lef. I have sorted some for this blog post, not that many car photos, there are so many other things I want to show you. Perhaps, I will make a blogpost with car photos later, we shall see.

Graested Veterantraef is huge and very many-sided. The first day I parked Tiny Honk among the vintage cars and motorcycles. My parents parked dad's old Chevy Stepside truck with camper among the american cars. Here is Tiny Honk in the line:

If you have a Fiat 500 your Wunderbaum should be Luigi from Cars:

What do you do if you have TWO nice vintage cars? You place one of them on a trailer and drive the other - brilliant:

Even the amusement park was vintage, here is a nice ice cream wagon:

I loved this amusement. In the front you see one of the huge steam engines, they drove around all day:

The amusements were driven by vintage engines like this:
Beautiful and huge steam engine. My mother is standing beside it so you can feel how big it is:

Here is yours truly (I'm about 166 cm):
Such steam-bandits needs a lot of coal to drive around all day long:
Vintage diving equipment - I would never do it:
But others did! They had dug a huge hole and then the brave divers dressed up and dived into the hole:
There was a large army exhibition and several "wars" were going on during the day. This tank weighed 45 tonnes, had a 38 litres engine with 850 hp - it was a large bandit that was so noisy it resounded in your cranium:

There was an area with vintage engines, here is an old "power saw":
And there was working artisans. This man was very nice and promised to make me a pair of wooded clogs in my size with sealskin for just 40 dollars:
Later in the afternoon the kids were tired and took a nap among alle the engines that were noisy and smelled. Here is a boy in a stroller and a girl on a blanket at the ground:
There was a hucker's marked and also a sparepart marked. At the hucker's marked there was a fun amusement I've never seen before. A pool with huge clear beach balls, which the kids were inside - it looked really fun and there was a mile-long queue all day long:

There was a cannon king who was shut out of the cannon twice a day. Ironically, he was sponsored by a undertaker:

A very nice car-sandcastle was built:
"You're arrested, sonny!":
The vintage police men (with real moustache and bellies) arrested son, but he wasn't thrown in the clink.

At the second day Tiny Honk parked among the american cars, here he is seen from dad's camper:
Later the same day his baby-brother, the Corvette, parked right behind him. Many call the Opel GT the "mini-Corvette", but in fact it is the Corvette that is a "Maxi-GT", since the GT came first. But american car fanatics don't like to hear the truth:
It was a lovely Whitsun with something for everybody.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. What year is your Chevy Nova? I'm guessing 68 or 69? My dad painted one for a friend of his. It was black. It was so beautiful! I wanted a 1967 Camaro when I was a girl. I thought they were pretty cool until my dad restored the Nova. My neighbor had a 1966 Super Sport. Nice but I like the 69 better.

    Now I want to buy a 1957 T-Bird. I saw one over in Louisiana. The car was sitting under a carport without a cover. I almost fainted when we drove by. I would love to get my hands on that car.


    P.S. That's a cute picture of your son.

  2. I will have to a post on my family's business. My father had the Ferrari account back in California. I was raised in California. My father use to paint and restore cars for movies also. Do you remember the movie, Easy Rider (starring Jack Nicholson)? My dad painted the red, white, and blue motorcycle he rode on in that movie. My dad has been in many magazines regarding race cars like National Geographic. I'll let you know when I post on some of the cars.


  3. Thank you for your nice comments, Gigi.
    My dad's Chevy Stepside truck is from 1940, and there are only two of them in Denmark. I don't know about the other more modern Chevy's. Normally, you fill in a paper with your car's data (model, engine, year, etc.), but we didn't this time.

    My next dream car is a Fiat 500, the teeny tiny Italian car. I'm saving for it from now on, you cannot get too many cars. :)

    Yes, I remember Easy Rider and their bikes - say hello to your talented and famous dad from Denmark. You might show him my website: http://www.samati.dk/index_uk.htm

    He might be interested in seeing my and my family's vintage cars in the photo album.

    Have a lovely day, dear - mine ends now, have to go to bed to be able to go to work tomorrow. :)

  4. Vintage cars will never go out of style because of its hip and classic design and we are getting back to the old times nowadays that's why we are dying to have a vintage car of our own. But as we all know, vintage cars are quite old, and its machine does not perform that well that's why vintage car companies have their own auto repair shop marketing strategies and techniques to boost their sales and to cater their clients' concerns.

  5. Nice to see those vintage cars, especially the Corvette! We had a Corvette I think when I was in grade 7. Then, my dad sold it to his friend. Oh, how I wish to have that vintage car again. When I've a job in a big city, I bought a dodge. Dealer Edmonton-based is so kind! He gave me great deal for buying this, and he gave such advices for the proper maintenance of this car. I wish someday I could find a Corvette, and if have a big bucks, I'll grab the chance to buy it!

  6. -> Kevyn, the Corvette is a beauty too, but too large for my taste. I don't know what they cost outside Denmark, but there are plenty of them, so why not start saving for one? :) Dreams are meant to come true.


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