søndag den 30. maj 2010

Sanne's Sunglasses

I've spent money! I've invested in these great vintage-styled sunglasses from Ralph Lauren:
I'm going to look like this, just 20 years older. :)

They cost 305 dollars, and to this you have to add 90 dollars for prescription glasses, since I cannot see without glasses. But I know I will LOVE them the next 20 years.

And before my Summer holiday I'm going to invest in this fantastic objective for my Canon reflex camera:

It is a 18-200 objective which I've found on the internet for about 618 dollars, and then I don't have to change objectives - which I never do. I've looked at Tamron's 18-270 objective, but after having read comparisons of them, I chose Canon's. Normally, I don't go for brands, except for my camera where I like everything is Canon.

And DH has bought a lawn mover for what equals to 4,545 dollars!!! And it was not like he needed one! It originally cost 5,454 dollars but I bartered the price down. It has front blades and hydrostat - something a man cannot live without.

So I've started saving for my other dream car - a Fiat 500, the middle model, as dad says. Preferably in pastel green, like here:

I will import it from Italy next Summer, the tax is about 545 dollars and then it is ready to drive. I'm excited if my marriage survives another vintage car. But as son says: "It costs the same, it has almost the same size as the lawn mover, it just misses the blades underneath." - and he is right.

So I think our New Year resolution is closed now!

2 kommentarer:

  1. I love those glasses. You're going to look fantastic in them. I need a new camera. Well, let me put it this way, "I want" a new camera. The reality is that I have a good camera but I want a better one. I've been drooling over some of the newer ones at the store. Great little Fiat. That would be so much fun to drive around in.

  2. -> Gigi, Yes, I feel very glamourous wearing them. :) I'm so glad I invested in my used Canon reflex camera, since I love to shoot photos and hate bad quality cameras.


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