torsdag den 28. juli 2011

Party Nails

Saturday 2 July we were invited to my SIL’s 50th birthday, and to her honour her I designed these nails:
She loves cats, so I stamped Hello Kitty on my thumb and put pink rhinestones in her eyes. On my index finger a cupcake with a red rhinestone as berry on the top, she loves everything with cupcakes. On my middle finger a gift – since it was her birthday. On my ring finger a diamond, since she – as I do – loves jewellery and at my pinky a pink heart-shaped rhinestone, since my little finger often is too little to stamp motifs on. I wore a pink dress from the fifties therefore the nails had to be pink. I think she liked it.

The previous week I stamped this fruit theme to honour Summer, again I have used my new grey Opi polish as base:
Also very nice and even my (very) male physiotherapist has noticed my nails. :)

Well, I also transformed my toe nails to ladybugs a few days ago:

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