torsdag den 21. juli 2011

Vacation with Tiny Honk

Have you all had a nice vacation?

We have! And we were quite lucky with the weather. In week 27, DH and I drove out in the blue in my vintage car - an Opel GT that turned 40 this year. We did not have many plans except for going to the City of Toender in Southern Jutland, because we thought the city is so nice and the area so beautiful. And I also wanted to go to Lübeck in Germany.

On our way we had to change spark plugs, which we found very cheap at a local shop:

In the City of Toender we accidentially ran into a vintage car meeting. We were eating our dinner when suddenly a lot of lovely vintage cars came and lined up:

So we were asked to park my little car among all the others:

We visited the Mill of Hoejer which is beautifully restored and for about 5 dollars we could also visit a nice museum and a beautiful old garden:

Here you see Tiny Honk from the top of the mill:

We also visited the famous floodgates - here I am with the flat and beautiful landscape in the background:

We drove to the City of Moegeltoender where our Prince and his lovely wife lives, but since they were not at home, we had to buy our afternoon tea and perhaps the biggest apple cake in the world at "granny's café":

There was so lovely and she was also an artist, you could buy trays and shrines painted by her. This sign is very charming:

This is a three-dimensional city map of the City of Lübeck. It is very elaborate and even has the street names and landmarks written in Braille:

The day after we drove to Timmendorfer Beach (also in Germany). I want a beach chair like these, they are simply too charming:

You could also buy ice creams the old-fashioned way:

And you could buy SHOES! Ooops, I bought TEN pairs in total:

They were all so cheap that I could not afford to let them go. From left to right: three flat pairs at 8 dollars each, two pairs with a French heel (which I can use now!) at respectively 8 dollars and 19 dollars (my most expensive pair), a pair of classic black stiletto at 9 dollars, a pair with kitten heels at 18 dollars, a pair of pink patent leather pinup heels at 18 dollars, a red and white pair at 9 dollars, and a pair of very early sixties black slingbacks at 9 dollars. So now I cannot even convince myself that I need more shoes! :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Whoa, good thing that your vintage car lasted that long for a road trip! You have maintained it well, and it's good-looking too! So how did your car fair with others? And you bought lots of cheap but cool pairs of shoes! Oh, you really had a happy road trip! :)

  2. Hi! It's really a great adventure to have a road trip with a vintage car. Only a few people can maintain the beauty and elegance of this kind of car. I'm so amazed of you Sanne!

  3. Thank you Junior. I'm happy to be married to a mechanic, and yes I love our road trips.


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