onsdag den 24. august 2011

Once Upon a Time …

… there was a 17 year old boy, well almost 18, who saw a buxom blonde in tight leather jeans and a red striped T-shirt at the local discotheque in the country, where his parents had their Summer cottage. But she was with one of his friends, so he could only pad her leather thighs and dream.

The boy threw a party when he turned 18 at his parents’ cottage and the blonde was also invited. She arrived as the only girl wearing high stilettos and a homemade white Summer dress with small red stars and the highest slit in the world. All the other girls wore T-shirts, long sloppy denim skirts and flat, black Chinese shoes. The boy was hooked, so he was around her as much as possible although she was with her friend – it was his birthday after all.

Her boyfriend went home after his vacation, he said he loved her madly and would call her every day. After five weeks he hadn’t called a single time, so the blonde went to the discotheque with her friends – not to find another boyfriend, but just to have fun. Five weeks are a VERY long time to wait when you’re only 16. At the discotheque she meets the boy, who invites her to dance. She's a terrible dancer and he’s a very good one, but he kept quiet (later he taught her to dance). He invited her to hear his loudspeakers in his old VW beetle – she said “OK, I also go with you home to see your glow-in-the-dark stamp collection”. He got surprised and wondered what she meant.

The boy had just turned 18 and didn’t have a driving license yet, so the beetle was parked VERY far away (he had to hide it if the police showed up), and it rained, but they walked hand in hand. When they came to the car one tyre was flat. He asks what to do, she says he should change it, and hopped into the car sheltered from the rain. He changes the tyre while the rain pours down. A little kissing goes on before they have to pick up all the other friends – who don’t believe they have spent the time just changing tyre.

They have to visit her parents, because she has promised them to always tell where she is if she doesn’t come home to sleep – and it was looong before the invention of the cell phone. She wakes her mum and gets an OK, and they drive silently down the street, but the old beetle shoots, a huge bang, so her dad, who normally is a tight sleeper, wakes abruptly. And this was in their wedding song 11 years later.

… and they lived happy ever after – at least for 31 years now!

Congratulations to us, darling! You are still a good dancer and I still have the shoes. :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. That is such a nice story. Happy Anniversary.

  2. Thank you, Nancy. It is good memories, especially considering we're still in love after SO many years. :)


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