torsdag den 10. november 2011

Nail Art 2.0

This Tuesday we had a Nail Art 2.0 event at my home. Yes, I work in the IT business. :) It was such a great evening. We had some lovely food from the local chinese restaurant:
Note the Marilyn Monroe napkins.

We had some really good laughs and a lot of talking going on:

After all the nice food we moved to the sofas, drank tea and coffee and threw some chocolate in our thoats, meanwhile the Konad plates were studied and designs were planned:

Here I'm stamping a dear colleague's nails:
I'm sorry about the missing focus, DH is not the best photographer, but it was very nice of him to take some photos of all of us.

Here are four sets of nails I made. The first is my brand new light blue holographic polish from Makeup Store (called SIW). Everybody fell in love with it and it is really very nice. I stamped a butterfly on the thumb nail and star-like flowers on the other fingers:

The next set of nails are my new blue polish from Sally Hansen, which I hadn't even tried yet, but do I love it!? I have stamped black flowers and put a single rhinestone in the ring finger nail:

The next set of nails are proof that you should keep your polishes in the fridge. This nice purple colour is at least 25 years old and still going strong. :) I have stamped black flowers on all nails and put a clear rhinestone in the middle of each flower, very nice:

The next set of nails have a neutral base, her zodiac sign (sign of the lobster, haha) and a turquoise Nfu-Oh flake polish on top:

THANKS to my great colleagues for a lovely evening! :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Sanne!
    I found your site off the Apron Revolution Forums and I'm thoroughly enjoying reading your blog so far! I love your Nail Art! Great color choices too- very creative! I'm a bit dull and always have my nails Red or Pink, but I think you've inspired me to try something different next!
    Keep up the great work with your site!
    xxx Amber Lee

  2. -> Amber Lee, thank you so much! :) And a warm welcome to my blog. I keep up both an English and a Danish version, and wish I had more readers on the English one, so I'm glad to hear you like it.

    I've been colour-converted too. Previously, I also always wore pink and red nails, now I love green and blue nails even more.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend. :)


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