torsdag den 3. november 2011


It is time for my quarterly bonus! Yes, another quarter has already gone by, unbelievable! I don’t understand it and before the wink of an eye it’s Christmas. Well, I LOVE Christmas so no complaints about that. Bonus money is spending money, a little spending is allowed although I have to save for our trip to the US in February. So I have invested in a petticoat:
Yep, a petticoat! I love the fifties and always dress fifties style. Back then women looked like women. But I have a confession: I have never owned a petticoat although several of my dresses would look lovely with such one underneath:
The mole brown dress will soon enjoy my latest investment. I am not brave enough to wear it at my job, but I will use it at every formal occasion. I have bought it at Doris Design and it cost GBP 65 (there are 36 metres of fabric in a skirt). The shop is situated in the UK.

And to stay in the fifties department – I’ve found my favourite singer (besides Elvis, of course) on vintage vinyl at Amazon – Sam Cooke:
I look so much forward to play his music on my record player, it is so much more charming than just putting a disc in the CD player. Do you know him? I am sure you all know Wonderful World, everybody knows it and it has been used in many movies:

I just love his voice!

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  1. Of course, I love Sam Cooke, too. I learned to slow dance to his music as a teenager! FLaurella ~

  2. -> Flaurella, I listen to him every day, I melt when I hear his voice, and Wonderful World is my favourite song of all songs! Nat King Cole is also one of my dear favourites. I love collection my vintage favourites on vinyl, it makes it much more authentic. :)


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