torsdag den 26. juli 2012

Close Up

I love taking photos, and I especially love taking macro photos. I have considered investing in a macro lens, but I know I’m not good at changing lenses. I am a Canon-fan and started with an EOS 300D. Later DH gave me an EOS 450D for Christmas (LINK). I got two lenses with my EOS 300D: the usual 18-58, and then a bigger one going up to 300, but I never changed, so it ended for sale on the internet. I bought an 18-200 lens and it is perfect for me – it works for everything and stays on the camera. I subscribe to Canon’s news mails and read about “close up lenses”. I had to learn more about them, so I ran to my local photo pusher. It is simply just a magnifying glass you can screw onto your lens, so you can come closer, really close:

I bought a set of three: +1, +2 and +4. The bumblebee is shot with +4, this peony is too: 

These two are shot with +2: 

Now I cannot think of more gadgets I need for my camera … oh, perhaps a cordless release. I have one with cord, which I hardly ever use, but one day …

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