torsdag den 20. september 2012

Nail Copy

At the ferrry to Germany I bought OPI's "Piroutte My Whistle", a really special glitter polish with small shiny glitter pieces and larger matte ones. But I had to have something under it, so I also bought Color Clubs "Take Me to Your Chatau", which looked like a pale baby blue in the bottle. It surprised me a bit since it became a quite bold swimming pool blue on my nails. A few days later I bought some French stickers which were of very bad quality. They broke when I put them on my nails and did not stick to the nails, but DH thought it looked lovely:

So on his fifties birthday garden party I asked him which nails he wanted me to do - he wanted a copy of the awful sticker nails. I think my copy looks nicer than the "original":

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