torsdag den 27. september 2012

New Hair Gadget

I have invested in a new hair gadget I didn't know I cannot live without - a socalled Sculpture Pin Curler":
Look at the nice vintage box it comes in.

It is simply a plastic tube with a comb in each end, which you use to curl your hair with, when you make old-fashioned pin curls you sleep in. You also get a nice little bookled with tips and coiffures:

I have never tried making pin curls before with my fingers, but this tool is really easy to use and I also slept fine with all the bobby pins. Here is the finished result - please ignore the grumpy old lady and only admire the curls, there is a reason I always stay behind the camera:

Veronika Lake go home! Or not exactly. I pin curled my hair dry and only sporadiccally sprayed some setting lotions in it, I think I should have used more. But it is curled and since it is my first try ever, I think it is quite good.

You can buy the tool here: Vintage Hair.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Goodness, I want one! My pin curls always turn out a hot mess!!! :)

  2. Then I really think this one will be a helpful tool. It is quite expensive, but not considering that it'll last for probably the rest of your life, and I really like the drawings of hair-dos. Have a nice weekend. :)

  3. "What a clever little device," says Flaurella!

  4. Thank you Flaurella. It is really great and I look forward to trying it again.


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